The information below was accurate pre-Covid. Changes are being made…

This is your one page summary of the regular and routine Deanery meetings. These and other events from around the Deanery can also be found on the calendar.


Deanery Synod will meet:
7:30pm, 27th February at Christ Church, Ware.
Speaker: Revd John Hookway
Topic: Christian Stewardship and Fundraising for Major Projects

7:30pm, 2nd June – Cancelled (Covid19)
Speaker: TBA
Topic: Modern Slavery

7:30pm, 10th September  – Postponed (Covid19)
Topic: Deanery Collaboration and Joint Mission

7:30pm, 12th November
Speaker: Revd Harry Steele, Flourishing Churches Team
Topic: “We want our Deanery to Flourish”

Deanery Synod Standing/Pastoral Committee arrange meetings one by one. Check the calendar for details.

Chapter will meet:
12noon: 2nd Wednesday of March, May, July, September and November
(but check for details and/or changes on calendar)

Village Ministers will meet:
12noon: 12th February, 1st April, then 2nd Wednesday of June, October and December  (but check for details and/or changes on calendar)