Welcome to the website of the Deanery of Hertford and Ware in the Diocese of St Albans.

You can find some basic information about the Deanery through the menu options. Synod Members are able to register and log in to access documents and to contribute information about events in their churches or across the Deanery. They may also comment on blog posts.

Last year we had three Synod meetings looking at the Diocesan priorities. The first was at All Saints Church, Hertford, on 1st May with the Hertford Archdeaconry’s Fresh Expressions Officer, Revd Alison Jackson. We look forward to hearing more news of how God is using new ways to reach new people. The second was at St Mary’s, Ware, on 11th July to hear the Diocesan Children’s Mission Enabler, Margaret Pritchard-Houston.

The third meeting was at Christ Church, Ware, on 22nd October when we were led in discussion by Revd Canon Andrew Holford from the Diocesan Liturgical Committee. We considered how we might improve the quality of our worship. Our next step is to agree how we might work together as a whole Deanery towards one of these Diocesan priorities. This decision will then determine the future topics for our Synod meetings and programme.

The Synod’s most recent meeting was Monday 4th February 2019 when we considered our responsibilities towards the environment with the help of Andy Lester from the charity a Rocha. This was an excellent presentation. More news on the blog soon…

Our next meeting is on 14th May, when we will be reflecting on how best to minister to and with “the elderly”. Again, this meeting will be open to Synod members and guests – please invite anyone who is interested. More detail will be available on the calendar entry, here, as soon as details are confirmed.