Goal 1.3

To identify and establish helpful partnerships between parishes or individual officeholders

Timeframe: There is already some evidence of parishes working together, but more attention needs to be given to the development of deliberate partnerships.  We anticipate that options could be identified within the course of one year and developed over three.

Responsibility: Oversight responsibility of Rural Dean and Assistant and Lay Chair through the interrogation of Parish MAPs and other information, e.g. Visitation Reports and knowledge gleaned from meetings of the Chapter and Deanery Subcommittee.  Delegated responsibility to parish clergy to pursue and nurture helpful partnerships.

Success Criteria: Evidence of parishes or officeholders working in partnerships in three years from now which do not currently exist, or clear evidence that existing partnerships have been strengthened.

Current Position – as of 3rd June 2021

Regrettably, little has been done towards the completion of this Goal.

Are you an officeholder (e.g. Parish Treasurer or Church Warden) looking for support or able to offer it to others with the same role?  Please get in touch and we will see if we can coordinate some useful training or support meetings…