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Christian Bookshop

The All Nations Bookshop reopened on Wednesday 25th January 2023.
The Bookshop and Cafe are open in term time: Wednesday – Friday 2pm – 5pm and Saturday 9.30am – 12.45pm.

Please spread the word about the bookshop in your churches and where ever the wind (Ruach) leads you

If you have not been to the bookshop and cafe or to All Nations before it is well worth a visit.
All Nations is set in beautiful grounds on the Easneye Estate near Ware and is a lovely place to meet friends for a coffee, take a walk on the grounds and buy that book you wanted. The shop has a lovely range of Christian text cards and gifts too.

There is also a click-and-collect service through St Andrews Bookshop ( who are providing all the books.

The college is looking for volunteers to help in the bookshop and cafe. They would love to be able to open more hours but need more helpers in order to do so.