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MAP Update

You can find detailed information about progress towards the different goals on our MAP on their own pages (see the menu). This page serves as a brief summary of recent progress.

Last update 6th April 2024

We are behind with our Parish Share payments. (Goal 1.1) That means we’re not paying for our clergy. There may be reasons, but do check what’s happening in your parish.

At its next meeting, the Standing Committee is going to look more closely at communication channels within the deanery with a view to facilitating and encouraging collaboration. (Goal 2.3)

We also need more people to sign up to work in the different task groups. Please take a look at them and see if you could give a bit of expertise or time to one of them. Or, if you know someone in your parish who could help, point them at the teams – they don’t have to be Synod members to join in!