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Goal 2.3

To establish systems through which the needs of Parishes and the desires of the Diocese both inform the Deanery programme

Timeframe: Lines of communication are in already place which should, in theory, make this possible, but experience shows that communication is regularly lost or poorly received.  An investigation will be conducted into the reason for the weaknesses and recommendations brought to Synod by August 2018.  The implementation of those recommendations should be complete by August 2019 and the systems working effectively by August 2020.

Responsibility: Responsibility for oversight of this goal rests with the Rural Dean, Assistant and Lay Chair, but the Deanery Secretary and Chair of the Standing/Pastoral Committee will be involved.

Success Criteria: This will be deemed to have been satisfactorily completed when we no longer have to ask Synod Members for ideas for meeting topics (because our systematic research from other sources will provide us with clear guidance about useful items for our programme).

Current Position – as of 6th April 2024

Work on this area was always scheduled to begin after Easter 2018.  The Standing/Pastoral Committee discussed this briefly in April 2018 but little progress has been made since then. Our most recent Synod meeting began to flesh out some questions about possibilities of shared ministry and once again highlighted the need for good and effective communication within the deanery. The Standing Committee will be returning to this in May.

Do you have any feedback?  Please let us know… And do use the Share Your Event link to publicise events you believe would help the Deanery fulfil its mission.