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Strategic Working

It has been noted that the vision will not be achieved unless some energy is given to it across the Deanery.  It is agreed that in the past, not enough was done to take the Deanery MAP forward and as a result, Deanery meetings and general provision lacked focus.  By making strategic working a priority, we seek to learn how best to steer a confident path towards achieving the vision, avoiding the mistakes of former years.  It is intended:

• Synod Meetings will all have a clear purpose pertaining to the Deanery Vision.
• Chapter Meetings will serve to support all the ministers and ministries which strive to fulfil the Vision.
• Synod Members and other office-holders will be well equipped to carry out their roles.

Here are four indicative goals aimed at improving our strategic working.  Others will follow.

  • Goal 2.1 – To communicate clearly to synod and Parishes the Deanery Vision, Priorities and Goals
  • Goal 2.2 – To identify training needs for keyworkers and host necessary courses
  • Goal 2.3 – To establish systems through which the needs of Parishes and the desires of the Diocese both inform the Deanery programme
  • Goal 2.4 – To include presentations and discussions or training events on Fresh Expressions, Children’s Work and Environmental Responsibility