Goal 1.1

To Pay 100% of Parish Share on time each year

Timeframe: Ongoing – year on year
Responsibility: All PCCs – with oversight from the Rural Dean
Success Criteria: Reports from the Diocesan Board of Finance demonstrate we are paying on time.

The Diocesan Finance Department produces reports early each month showing the cumulative position for the Deanery at the end of the previous month.  You can check these figures here.

Current position – 3rd June 2021

Over the last three years, we have not managed to pay our share in full. It is likely that 2021 will be a challenging year. If your parish is struggling, please do not do so in silence – it is far better to ask for help than have someone come asking why you’re behind!

According to the latest Diocesan report (end of May, five months of the year), our deanery has paid £25,877 LESS than has been requested. This represents a shortfall of just under 9%. If this continues to the end of the year, the overall deficit would be almost the equivalent of one clergy post (there are 10 stipendiary clergy in our deanery).

Is your parish behind with its payments?  Are you able to encourage your treasurer to pay on time?  Would you or your PCC value help or advice on this matter?  The Diocesan website has some helpful information and some very readable downloadable documents, here.  Or get in touch with your questions…