Goal 2.2

To identify training needs for key workers and host necessary courses

Timeframe: Amongst officeholders, there are regular changes in personnel, and regulations, guidelines and expectations also often change.  Training is necessary for these roles and others (e.g. intercessors, Sunday-School leaders).  An initial survey of needs will be circulated immediately following the APCMs of spring 2018 and a programme of training courses established thereafter.

Responsibility: Responsibility for oversight of this goal rests with the Rural Dean, Assistant and Lay Chair.

Success Criteria: In view of the fact that training will always be needed, this goal will never be completed.  However, feedback from course participants will be taken to ensure that training content is helpful and delivered in an effective way.

Current Position – as of 3rd June 2021

Following Annual Meetings in parishes in 2018, an initial survey of needs was circulated to clergy. The results of this were inconclusive. In light of our changed circumstances following the Covid19 crisis, the exercise will be carried out again.

Are you an officeholder of some kind?  Are you responsible for running a ministry or helping out?  Do you have any feedback?  Would you value some training or could you provide it?  Please let us know… And do use the Share Your Event link to publicise events you believe would help the Deanery fulfil its mission.