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As well as our parish churches and our schools, our deanery has a variety of chaplaincies. There is more detail on the chaplaincies below which are underlined (click to visit the pages). Please pray for the chaplains to:

  • Haileybury College
  • The Mayor of Ware
  • The Hertfordshire Sea Cadets
  • X-Ray Company of the Royal Marines Cadets
  • Ware Air Cadets
  • the Waterways (particularly in connection with the rivers Stort and Lee)

The people who live within our deanery boundaries are supported by other institutions (e.g. Police, Fire Service and Hospices) who often have chaplains but don’t here at present, and all of our deanery’s employers all have responsibilities for the welfare of their employees. There may be more opportunities for us to Live God’s Love in our neighbourhood than we might first imagine. If you might be interested in supporting chaplaincy in the deanery or even considering becoming a chaplain, please do get in touch.