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Goal 2.1

To communicate clearly to Synod and Parishes the Deanery Vision, Priorities and Goals

Timeframe: One of the failures of the last MAP was a failure to communicate the Vision.  We shall ensure that all stakeholders know and understand the Vision, Priorities and Goals by repeated communication over the course of the next year, then continue reiterating the core messages and updates for the rest of the period of this MAP.

Responsibility: Responsibility for oversight rests with the Rural Dean, Assistant and Lay Chair, with significant elements delegated to the Deanery Secretary, Standing/Pastoral Committee Chair and Synod Members.

Success Criteria: Feedback on the Deanery MAP will be requested of Parishes via Synod Members annually. This feedback will inform the communication programme for the next year.  This Goal will be deemed to have been completed satisfactorily when feedback indicates that all Parishes can articulate the Deanery Vision.

Current Position – as of 6th April 2024

The Deanery’s Annual Reports for all years 2017 to 2023 have been produced for the APCMs and the URL of this website advertised within them.  Synod Agenda and Minutes all carry the Deanery Vision.  The Deanery MAP is a standing item on the Synod and Standing Committee Agenda.

There is more work to do here.

Do you have any feedback?  What would you like to know more about?  Please let us know about anything you believe would help the Deanery fulfil its mission.