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Goal 2.4

Goal Accomplished!

To include presentations and discussions or training events on Fresh Expressions, Children’s Work and Environmental Responsibility by Easter 2019

Timeframe: Two of these are key priorities within the Diocese at the moment. It is therefore imperative that we provide support in these areas. The deadline given (Easter 2019) reflects both the known existing programme and the lead-time anticipated to deliver effective presentations on such important issues.

Responsibility: The Standing/Pastoral Committee will be responsible for this goal.

Success Criteria: The presentations will have taken place. Note: upon completion, this goal will not be merely reproduced with different items, for by Easter 2019, Goal 2.3 will have begun to identify key new topics and issues for the Deanery programme.

Current Position – as of 26th February 2019

The new Fresh Expressions Team (Reaching New People) came to present to our Synod meeting on 1st May 2018 and the Diocesan Children’s Mission Enabler came to bring her presentation which was cancelled because of the snow on March 1st to the Synod meeting on 11th July 2018.  The October Synod meeting explored worship (which is the other Diocesan priority).  It is intended to shape the future Synod programme around one of these three priorities but which one has yet to be agreed.  Individual churches are going to be invited to express a preference.

Though the topic does not feature within the three Diocesan priorities, in line with its original plan, the Standing Committee decided to host a presentation on Environmental Responsibility at the first meeting in 2019. This was most stimulating.

Future meetings will be planned in keeping with the Deanery’s agreed priority.

Do you have experience or expertise in any of these fields? Would you like more information about them? Please let us know… And do use the Share Your Event link to publicise events you believe would help the Deanery fulfil its mission.