Shaping the Culture of Local Churches

The well-known saying ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ suggests that even our best efforts to evangelise and grow churches can be thwarted if the culture of local churches is not supportive of and undergirding this intent.  This day will explore what culture is and how to read it, the ways in which culture and strategy interact (sometimes badly) and suggest ways of reshaping the culture in order that growth might be released as part of normal church life.  The day will include biblical study, practical teaching and plenty of interaction.

£28 for the first person and £15 for each additional person from the same church

For more information to book click here.  (CPAS website)

Deanery Synod Meeting

Speaker: Margaret Houston, the Diocesan Children’s Mission Enabler.
Re-scheduled from the March Synod cancelled because of snow, this presentation is open to everyone – it will be useful to bring your children’s workers along.

Also elections to Diocesan Synod (only Deanery Synod members may vote)

Refreshments will be served from 7:30pm

Deanery Synod Meeting

Reaching New People – Fresh Expressions.

Reaching New People

Our speaker will be Revd Alison Jackson, the Fresh Expressions Development Officer for Hertford Archdeaconry.  Please invite anyone from your churches who might be interested in hearing how we might reach new people in new ways.

Other business will include elections to Diocesan Synod.  (Guests will not be able to vote!)