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Summer Update

We’re delighted that Revd Amanda Duncan is going to be joining the Deanery team, serving the Lord with the people of High Cross and Thundridge.  She comes to us from St John’s Hatfield – part of the Bishop Hatfield Team ministry.   Do pray for that team and its people as they face the changes her departure will bring.  And watch this space for details of Amanda’s licensing service…

A number of new events have been added to the Deanery calendar, including:

  • the family-friendly festival “Escape” in Ware on 15th September.  Check out more information here.
  • a half-day conference in the style of the Keswick Convention with worship and Bible teaching on 29th September.  (Details here.)
  • our next Deanery Synod meeting on 22nd October, which will be looking at how we might improve the quality of our worship.  Like other recent presentations, this is open to more than just Deanery Synod members.  Do invite people in your congregations who might be interested…

Do share your events which might be of benefit to others across the Deanery as we try to work together towards our common vision.

Have a great summer, and as you (perhaps) take the opportunity to rest from the usual routines and pressures of life, don’t forget the exhortation in Hebrews 4:11 – “Strive to enter [God’s] rest!”  Guard your own hearts against the deceitfulness of sin, and encourage one another each day to be faithful (Hebrews 3:12-13).